The INTERNATIONALIZATION OFFICE aims to bridge the college to the Global Community through home-based and future cross-border internationalization programs.


To promote, integrate and support international and global initiatives throughout teaching, research and service efforts by developing and maintaining international partnerships; bringing, supporting, and retaining the world’s talent; and connecting community meaningfully and responsibly with the world through the infusion of informed international content, knowledge, awareness, and experience.

General Function:

Animated by the Vision of Mabalacat City College to be the top choice in the community it serves by providing opportunities to faculty, staff and students, the Internationalization Officer will be concerned with the development and implementation of an internalization platform. The IO will promote awareness and understanding of international plans, procedures and undertakings of colleges and universities across the globe. Through participation and increased visibility in the global community, the curriculum and school programs will be aligned with the developing standards on internationalization of Colleges and Universities around the world.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Conducts first and foremost an orientation that would acquaint the administration and staff about the basics of internationalization.
  2. Plan and Implement a Strategic Internationalization Design.
  3. Support the international experiences of students at home and abroad.
  4. Seek to pursue new opportunities for international business development and engagement with the private sector and other educational institutions.
  5. Ensure that the college is able to progress along with the higher educational institutions of the world.
  6. Strengthen partnerships and linkages with different international and national educational institutions.
  7. Manage the delivery of recruitment activity and participate in promotional activity in-country including exhibitions and delivering presentations at schools and partner universities.
  8. Attend overseas recruitment events in priority markets.
  9. Promote and support the administration of a range of international student and staff mobility opportunities and worldwide exchanges.
  10. Liaise closely with Marketing, Admissions and Student Support and generally play a proactive role promoting the wider theme of internationalization across the college through the Creation and updating of international promotional materials including website, brochures and newsletters with a focus on using digital and social media to support the college’s international recruitment.
  11. Initiate curricular innovation borne out of the collaboration with international colleges and universities.
  12. Support the development, delivery and maintenance of a robust and efficient international admissions process, which deliver against international recruitment targets.
  13. Support the processing of international student applications, and to provide a high level of international student support after enrolment.
  14. Plan and deliver international marketing campaigns ensuring that all activity is measurable and has maximum impact.
  15. Contribute to ASEAN/UN and other international initiatives on their goals for social, cultural and holistic development and collaboration.

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