The MCC Kayantabe

The whole package of programs, projects, advocacies, and activities being undertaken by Mabalacat City College in relation to its community service is referred to as Kayantabe, which translates to companion, partner, or support system, which also represent the concrete support of the MCC community to worthy and notable causes for the communities outside its campus premises.

MCC Kayantabe seeks to fulfill the “Service” commitment of Mabalacat City College which is part of its core values. This office functions as the advocacy and community service arm of the institution that is focused on contributing to the solution of the society’s problems. It concentrates on three core advocacies which are literacy development, cultural promotion, and environmental protection. These three are set to serve as foundation that will foster service learning and community engagement for MCC stakeholders, and inclusive development to the community it serves.

In MCC’s pursuit of academic excellence with a social conscience, MCC Kayantabe will be the lead office in initiating and implementing social services and support programs to the local community. Socially aware and imbued with a sense of civic responsibility, it also sets out to build partnership and linkages with other public and private agencies and organization. With these, MCC Kayantabe is clearly driven with synergy and solidarity in conducting high impact initiatives and actions on the communities it serves.

Vision and Mission Statement of MCC Kayantabe


MCC Kayantabe envisions itself to build sustainable local communities through advocacies and engagement initiatives driven by spirit of volunteerism and commitment to inclusive development.


MCC Kayantabe commits itself in:

  • Collaborating with local communities in the sharing of skills, knowledge, and expertise;
  • Empowering communities through programs, projects, and activities that will lead to inclusive and sustainable development;
  • Strengthening the involvement of MCC community in providing extension programs with the end in view of transforming lives and restoring human dignity; and
  • Forging partnerships that promotes the same vision.

Strategic Direction of MCC Kayantabe

      1. The advocacy and community extension thrust of the college shall be directed into becoming concrete programs and services that addresses general and particular needs of its target communities.
      2. The advocacy and community extension thrust of the college shall focus on three themes: Literacy, Culture, and Environment.
      3. Highly encourage the full participation and involvement of MCC administration, faculty, non-teaching personnel, students, and alumni in the community extension services by taking concrete research and training service that will deepen their understanding of the needs of the community they will be serving.

The MCC Kayantabe Core Advocacies

Literacy Development

MCC Kayantabe focuses its advocacy on the delivery literacy services to the community it serves which is in harmony with the objectives of the government to invest in human capital development anchored on making education that is accessible for all.

Cultural Promotion

MCC Kayantabe aims to provide avenues for the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) of Mabalacat City to reflect, explore, and develop collective means to strengthen their distinct cultural identity and nurture relationships with other communities in the city. This advocacy will focus on showcasing IP knowledge systems and skills for greater awareness and appreciation of its culture and tradition.

Environmental Protection

MCC Kayantabe devotes itself to community-based environmental protection initiatives that intends to transform the locals to become effective partners in protecting the environment where they live and work.

The MCC Kayantabe Story and Logo

Inspired by the roots of Mabalacat and how its influence can develop modern communities in different rural areas.

The official Logo

The Colors

The crimson and steel grey were utilized to represent the MCC spirit and values which equates to determination to succeed through strong foundation. A touch of green was used to represent progress and development. The green color was also used at the top part of the logo which symbolizes as a top priority of the office.

The Elements

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