Mabalacat City College (MCC) envisions itself to be the top choice in the community it serves for quality education and training. Accordingly, its mission is to meet the needs of its community as a center of learning aiming for open admissions policy. As the College enters another semester, MCC formulated its objectives and strategies for the second semester of A.Y. 2020-2021, taking into consideration the health and safety of its students in light of the COVID19 pandemic. In so doing, all its units set out objectives, as well as strategies to accomplish them, in preparation for the incoming semester. The Administration and Support Services handles the organization’s support unit, including Finance, Human Resources Management (HRMO), Security, Building & Maintenance, and Supply. The objectives of the Finance unit are to continue providing assistance to students in terms of payments, registrations and other inquiries. They also plan to implement effective voucher monitoring. Meanwhile, Human Resources targets to improve their attendance monitoring, payroll processing and leave application processes. Moreover, the unit came up with strategies in encouraging a positive organizational culture among its employees. HRMO also aims to continually adapt to the new normal, such as modifying its recruitment process to cater to applicants despite the current circumstances. On the other hand, Security Division aims to improve their services by upgrading the College’s security measures and requesting for additional manpower, among others. Building & Maintenance aims to effectively maintain and prolong the lifespan of the College’s facilities, to purchase a power generator, and to implement the same plans and strategies in M.C.C. Dapdap. Finally, the Supply Division aims to improve the process of inventory and procurement. External Affairs, on the other hand, manages the organization’s network and linkages. For the second semester, the unit’s goals are to develop a standardization system, to strengthen the College’s network and linkages, and to continue providing scholarships and grants. It also aims to increase visibility and positive publicity of the College, to establish relevant facilities to promote the College’s identity, and to activate units under External Affairs. The institution’s Academic Affairs & Student Services Office handles academic operations. With this, it has come up with strategic plans for the second semester, which are executing the online enrolment, implementing the learning approach in the new normal, improving faculty’s modules and outcomes-based teaching and learning (OBTL) plan, creating a new semester format & course scheduling, proposing alternatives for on-the-job trainings, preparing for accreditation, applying for new programs and hiring of additional staff. It also set out strategies in assigning courses to faculty members, distributing faculty loading and scheduling, faculty reporting and evaluation, and submitting monthly accomplishment reports per unit. With regards to Student Services, the unit plans to continue to fasten the conveyance of e-services and to propose to the management an on-site faculty-student consultation. The Research & Development and Community Extension Offices handle the research and extension activities of the College that will have a positive impact in the Mabalacat community. These units formulated objectives, both current and new, that shall be implemented 4 on the second semester. In Research and Development, the unit provided strategic plans to ensure that it has educationally qualified and competent staff. It aims to develop a functional research program, intensify the College’s research capability, to establish a research council, and to ensure the integrity of research output and protecting intellectual property. In Community Extension, the unit’s objectives are to ensure that it has highly qualified staff, to revise the Community Extension Services (CES) Manual, to ensure smooth implementation of the unit’s programs and services, and to revisit the College’s NSTP/ROTC Program. It shall also fulfill one of its missions to adopt and engage the community. The Planning & Legal Office shall assist in creating policies, including, but not limited to, vulnerability and disaster risk management, and other financial policies that are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees (BOT). It also aims to produce the Data Privacy Manual and ensure that MCC is data privacy compliant. Another plan is to produce the re-entry plan of the College should the traditional face-to-face classes ensue. The New Normal shall be the working basis for the development of the said plan. Including in the office’s planning is system development. Assigned in implementing the plan on system development is the Management Information System (MIS) unit. MIS works on the communication, system and programming development and administration of the College. With this, the unit aims to develop its organizational structure, adapt to the new normal, provide administrative and management support, develop the school system and the College’s website, provide technical support and network improvement, and establish MCC’s presence on social media. For the second semester, the Quality Assurance unit aims to ensure smooth workflow of the College’s units, prepare for this year’s accreditation, and educate employees on the importance of the quality assurance function. It shall also conduct its role as the College’s internal audit in preparation to the upcoming accreditation by ALCUCOA. Moreover, the unit aims to launch innovative competitions and awards, and to conduct the evaluations of performances and office processes. On the other hand, the Records and Archives unit aims to develop and improve the College’s Record Management, organize the College’s archives, and educate employees on the significance of data privacy. With these objectives in mind, the succeeding strategies were developed by the College to improve its services during the transition period to the New Normal.

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