The Office of the Student Affairs Services fastened the conveyance of E-services with careful considerations on health and safety of the students. In this new normal, information on services and programs are available for all MCC students. Collaboration in terms of postings promotions and information dissemination are enhanced and readily available through the different Facebook pages of the units under SAS. With the SAS Unit Personnel in the helm a balance satisfactory and accessible services is offered even if it is against an unseen and soundless adversary called COVID-19

The SAS Department under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is highly recommending for the continuity of the E-services strategy. Since this type of support service is online or virtual, the risk for students and employees is allayed. Hence, obtainability of virtual student services renders a major role in defining the students’ achievement in the Teaching learning process, thus, we all know that the quality of E-services is directly proportional to the quality of learning in providing experiential college life

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