Career and Placement Office


The Career and Placement Office endeavors to design and implement structured learning experiences centered on career preparedness and competence and thereby envisions in shaping future professionals who are skilled and service oriented.


The Career and Placement Office of Mabalacat City College is committed to the development of each student’s professional competence. In order to achieve this, the following objectives must be met:

  • To aid the students in identifying their own capabilities and career aspirations, focusing on personal, social and academic domains, maximizing their professional competence and skills in the workplace
  • Inform and guide students to make proper career choices
  • Increase the capability for social context, ensuring that there are open channels of communication between our future professionals and the world of work.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Career and Placement Coordinator is responsible for:

  1. Communicating the needs of the office to the VPEA. This function includes requisition of supplies, equipment, materials and other instructional needs of the office.
  2. Provide information on Job Placement and Recruitment Activity
  3. Organize in campus recruitment activity in coordination with PESO and partner industries.
  4. Coordinate with companies and the community regarding industry needs for future employment opportunities and professional development
  5. Conduct orientation to guide students in their preparation to seek employment.
  6. Coordinate with the different institutes and college registrar to secure accurate list of graduates.
  7. Maintain permanent records of students and other relevant data needed for employment.
  8. Implements programs for Career Development
  9. Performing other tasks as may be assigned by the VPEA.

Key Activities of the Office

Professional Development Series

The main activity of the Career and Placement Office is the Professional Development Series, which are a set of activities designed to foster preparedness and properly equip graduating students to meet the demands of the world of work.

Professional Development Seminar

One of the activities is the Professional Development Seminar wherein speakers from the recruitment industries are invited to share the current trends and issues in job application to help increase the chance of the students in being selected as future employees. Topics being discussed include Effective Resume Writing and How to Ace an Interview.

The Resume plays the biggest role in landing a job. Afterall, one will not be scheduled for an interview if his/her resume is not impressive. In order to help the students translate their skills and qualifications into an impressive resume, the Career and Placement Office invites professionals in the HR Industry for them to be informed of the key points recruitment officers are looking for in a candidate via the resume.

Another topic that is discussed in this seminar is the job interview. Most of the fresh graduates find this nerve-wracking and one way of easing their anxiety is for them to know what to expect in a job interview. The invited speaker shares his/her knowledge about this and imparts knowledge not only on how to answer each question but also what right attitude and appearance should be brought by the applicant to the interview.

In addition, the office also recognizes the continuous change and development in the recruitment process and activities over the years, which is why topics such as Phone Interview, Online Interview and Building Professional Profile Online are also discussed by professionals.

Labor Education Seminar for Graduating Students

As the graduating students will soon join the workforce, it is imperative that they know what they will be facing in the world of work. So, knowing their rights as employees is needed in order for them to evaluate whether they are being provided with fair and just practice by their future employers or not. To fulfill this, a speaker from the Department of Labor and Employment is invited to inform the students of the Labor Laws in the Philippines, as well as to answer their queries regarding their rights as would be employees.

Exit and Mock Job Interview

The mock and exit interview is an activity conducted to/for graduating students in order to give them have a simulation of a job interview. In this activity, the students are able to experience the said nerve-wracking job interview as interviewers with knowledge in the recruitment field are invited. At the end of the interview, the students are given feedbacks and tips on how to improve themselves, how to answer certain questions in order to increase their chance in landing a job.

Job Fair

The Job Fair is the grand culmination of the Professional Development Series as the students will apply and practice their learning and skills acquired from the Professional Development Seminar and Mock Job Interview conducted. Such learnings and skills that the students may put into use are writing an attractive resume and acing a job interview. In this event, the students also have the opportunity to land a job as the company representatives invited may hire them on the spot.

Graduate Tracer Study

As the College’s tagline states, “Start here, Be Successful Anywhere!”, Mabalacat City College’s involvement in the students’ journey does not end on their graduation day. It is the college’s dream for its students to have a successful journey towards their profession via a tracer study. The study is used for profiling, documentation, reporting and research purposes which aims to improve the college’s programs and curriculum development for the students. The survey also serves as the alumni’s avenue to voice out their suggestions for programs that will be of help in terms of our students’ preparation to the world of work.

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