Due to the continuing threat of Covid-19 pandemic, MCC Management has heightened the implementation of wearing FACE MASK and FACE SHIELD. Anyone without facemask or face shield shall not be allowed to enter the campus.

Likewise, officers of Health Services Unit and Security are conducting round-the-clock monitoring inside the campus. Anyone who is not properly geared up for safety shall hear a whistle and be shown a placard of reminder.

At first offense of any employee, he or she will receive a warning from the officer. On second offense, he or she will receive a notice to explain. Likewise, visitors will be asked to leave if they violate.

The Management also discourage office visits. If and only if necessary, however, concerned departments must seek first the approval of the Vice President for Administration through a letter for any activity (submission, consultation, etc) that requires face-to-face with students.

The request letter should include the following details:

  1. Name of Student/s
  2. Date of Visit
  3. Office to Visit
  4. Purpose of Visit

Any student who will try to enter the campus without prior approval from the Admin Office will be denied of entry.


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