History is a field of study under the humanities and social science clusters that provides a recreation and critical outlook of the significant events of the past and how they continue to impact and guide the present towards a more humane future using historical materials and primary sources. MCC’S History program, a 4-year course yielding to a Bachelor of Arts in History (ABH), immerses the students with readings and analyses of various historical texts and interpretations of primary sources on local, national, and global histories. The program believes that no individual has the sole monopoly of truth. As such, students are expected to exhibit a strong sense of critical-thinking, research drive, and open to public discourses. Students in the program develop their own research studies that must be of novelty and that are contributory to the advancement of historical enterprise. After rigid studies in various historical themes, disciplines, researches and methodologies, students exposed to various public research presentations and conferences developing in them good oral communication, self-esteem, critical judgment and reflection.

The MCC-ABH curriculum provides various courses serving as a general survey of National History and Global History. In terms of research interest and specialization, the program throughout the years, have championed studies in local and regional histories. The program also offers unique features embedded in the curriculum like the professional education subjects that students can take advantage of should they decide to advance a career in education by taking the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LEPT). Furthermore, a specialized course on heritage interpretation was added to provide special trainings to students in terms of museum management, cultural work, and archival work to prepare them for other history related industries. The program is a Commission on Higher Education (CHED) compliant and is duly recognized. It also takes pride with its National Industry partners providing On-the-Job training to graduating students like the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, National Museum of the Philippines, National Archives of the Philippines, and other local museums to name a few.


  • Historian
  • History Teacher/Professor
  • Cultural Heritage Officer
  • Museum Researcher
  • Museum Curator
  • Museum Education Officer
  • Archivist
  • Consular and Diplomatic Officer
  • Legal Researcher
  • Further studies in Law
  • Government Service Employee


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