Completing a degree is an important milestone for many individuals and families but life circumstances can often lead to dropping out of college. To support the return of drop-outs to finish their degree or take new courses that will give them better employment opportunities, MCC introduces the Return to Education Assistance Program (REAP). This program provides a comprehensive support for students seeking to re-enroll in classes or complete their degree.

MCC REAP offers a range of services and resources to assist returning students. This includes academic advising to help students map out their educational pathway, financial aid or scholarship counseling to explore funding options, and career services to assist with job placement and internship opportunities. Furthermore, the program also provides accessibility services such as MCC Pro Plus to ensure that working students and students with health condition have the support they need to succeed academically.

By offering such a comprehensive program, MCC is making it easier for drop-outs to re-engage with their education and obtain the skills and credentials needed for better employment opportunities. The accessibility services also demonstrate MCC's commitment to ensuring that all students, regardless of their abilities, are given the opportunity to succeed. Overall, MCC REAP serves as a valuable resource for students looking to return to college and complete their degree.

This program is in collaboration with Mabalacat City Youth Development Office that aspires to re-engage out-of-school in education by providing scholarship grants.

So, say hello again MCCIANS! We wish to have you back!

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