Policies for the CRIMSON Honors Program

The Crimson Honors program at MCC is a distinguished initiative designed to provide exceptional learning opportunities for high-achieving students from diverse educational backgrounds. Students who are part of this program can enjoy a range of benefits, including academic enrichment, skill development, and participation in internationalization initiatives.

To qualify for The Crimson Honors Program, the top 100 performers during the College Entrance Exam will undergo a thorough screening process conducted by the Student Life Department.


Screening and Verification

Upon submission of the requirements and the printed accomplished form, the Admissions Assistant conducts a personal verification process to ensure all necessary documents are complete. Once verified, the applicant is provided with the schedule for the College Entrance Exam.

College Entrance Exam

Standardized testing was carefully considered because the college recognize the potential of every senior high school graduate from various schools, giving everyone a chance to apply at MCC. The adopted exam is a comprehensive profile of student's interests and aptitudes as part of the screening process, intending to identify student's potential for academic and career success. It seeks to uncover a student's potential to learn in the context of a specific curriculum and environmental input.


Standardized testing would ensure that test scores are a valid, reliable, and effective indicator of students' college readiness, as well as a rich profile of information about the applicant's aptitudes in many areas, such as Verbal, Numerical, Abstract, Perceptual Speed and Accuracy, Mechanical Reasoning, Space Relations, Spelling, and Language Usage.

The competencies set per program vary depending on each program's required competencies, which were reviewed by the Support for Academic and Institutional Development and Academic Council in consultation with relevant members of Admissions. Reflected on the table is the set of competencies per program completed last January 19, 2022. Please note that these are general career areas that may be associated with each competency, but individual career paths may vary based on other factors and personal interests or program choices.

Institute Interviews

Applicants may be invited for interviews as part of the selection process, especially for programs or courses that require additional evaluation beyond academic qualifications.


Decision Communication

Applicants will receive notification of the admission decision via email or through the designated online portal. The notification will specify whether the applicant has been accepted, waitlisted, placed on probation, or has not been successful in the application process. Additionally, applicants may also be offered admission to certificate programs based on their qualifications.

Acceptance Confirmation

Accepted applicants are required to confirm their acceptance of the offer within a specified deadline. In addition to the email notification, the admissions assistant may also reach out to the applicants via phone call to ensure that they have received the acceptance offer. It is important for applicants to respond and confirm their acceptance by the deadline provided. If an applicant fails to confirm within the given timeframe, their acceptance may be forfeited.

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