Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino

The Bachelor of Science in Education Major in Filipino (BSEd Fil) is a four (4) year program that is design to provide the students with the necessary knowledge, values and skills to become efficient Filipino Language Junior High School and Senior High Students. This program focusses on an in-depth study of the Filipino Language and Literature. The program also provides students theoretical and foundational concepts in language and aspects of literature, pedagogical techniques, and professional education subjects that prepare students to become effective teachers.

As mandated by CHED, Graduates of this program are expected to:

  • Exhibit high level of knowledge in teaching Filipino Language and Literature
  • Demonstrate extensive and deep knowledge and understanding in the relation of Language, Culture and Society
  • Utilize different techniques and methodologies in the Teaching-Learning process
  • Possess knowledge on cultural discourses and linguistic diversity in a country
  • Design creative, innovative and integrated alternative approaches in teaching and learning
  • Develop researches that will advance Filipino Language through teaching

After they graduate in this program, the students are fully equipped with the mastery of the Subject Matter, Teaching Strategy, Classroom Management, Instructional Materials and Lesson Planning which are anchored in the basic principle of teaching in collaboration of the courses emphasized in the whole duration of the program. The content, competencies and skills acquired by the students are expected to be utilized in advancing the knowledge and understanding of the Filipino language throughout the country. The culmination of the program is the practicum period where students are to be immersed in various cooperating schools and undergo the final teaching demonstration.

The Program has a government recognition issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and granted Level 1 accreditation by the Association of Local Colleges and Universities, Commission on Accreditation (ALCUCOA). The Program prides itself with a constant 90% to 100% of its students passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers and maintaining a rating that is always above the national mean rate. Further, our qualified and esteemed faculty line-up contributes in the formation of quality graduates now employed in various private and public schools. Moreover, our strong teacher-student-alumni mentoring program has aided our students well in becoming an effective teacher of the Filipino Language.


  • Filipino Teacher in Basic Education
  • Seminar Facilitator/Trainer
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Textbook Writer
  • Textbook Editor
  • Journalist
  • Module Writer
  • Consultant
  • School Administrator


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