Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English

The Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English (BSEd Eng) is a 4-year collegiate program designed for individuals who would like to teach the English language. The program offers an intensive training equipped with adequate and relevant competencies in the teaching of English. The trainings in the program enables future educators to become effective and efficient language teachers, necessary in forming a bright future for their students.

The BSEd English Curriculum organizes an intensive education on the significant areas of language learning and teaching, such as Linguistics, Literature, Technical Writing, and Creative Writing. Along with the said areas of study, students are also trained and guided with the essential pedagogical skills and techniques they ought to possess as they deliver effective learning process to the students such as Assessment, Curriculum, Educational Technology, Learning Principles of various learners, Teaching Profession, Facilitating Learning, Foundations of Education and other Professional Education courses.

The program’s government recognition from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Level 1 accreditation from the Association of Local Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (ALCUCOA) concretizes MCC’S definition of quality of education. Contributory to quality education is the qualified and well-trained faculty, diverse and innovative learning strategies, speech laboratory, and student development programs. Further, to augment classroom instruction, students are also exposed in the recent studies and trends in education through participation and attendance in various seminars, workshops and trainings within and around the city.


  1. English Teacher for Basic Education
  2. Technical Writer
  3. Media Practitioner
  4. Public Relation Specialist
  5. Translator and Interpreter
  6. Writer in Advertising
  7. Foreign Service Specialist
  8. English Language Teacher in Higher Educational Institutions
  9. Writer or Editor in Publishing
  10. English Language Training Specialist


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