Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies

The Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies (BSEd SS) is a four (4) year curricular program offered by the Institute of Arts, Sciences and Teacher Education that equips learners with adequate and relevant competencies in the areas of Social Sciences/Social Studies in the secondary education. It envisions developing students who will be nationalistic, productive and responsive citizens of the world. The program aims to develop highly motivated and competent future teachers who are socially aware and conscious and are critical advocates of education for reforms and social transformation specializing in content and pedagogy for secondary education. The program also, specifically aims for the students to:

Students in this program are trained to:

  • Capably manipulate and facilitate various historical materials in explaining current issues
  • Logically/reasonably organize and develop communities towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency
  • Possess leadership skills that will help in empowering communities
  • Transform oneself who know how to balance local and global perspectives towards the attainment of mutually beneficial relationships
  • Become a progressive teacher who possesses a vision of an improved quality of life
  • Ba a genuine academician who is oriented towards research and further learning
  • Become an innovative teacher equipped with the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of teaching social studies and handle the content orient of the subject matter
  • Promote responsible and sustainable use of natural elements

The program is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). In their years of studies in the program, the students are trained with different teaching approaches and methodologies that they can use and apply on their teaching Internship in both private and public schools and needed in the secondary social studies. Graduates are expected to be Licensed Professional Teachers (LPT) in the area of Social Studies.

As mandated by CHED, among the courses the program give emphasis to are Professional Education courses and major courses such as Foundations of Social Studies, Research in Social Studies, Trends and Issues, Places and Landscapes, Geography, World History, Asian Studies, Economics, Politics and Governance, Law-Related Studies, and Socio-Cultural Anthropology, among others.

MCC’s strong student development programs impress upon its students, nationalism where students are given opportunities to exercise their civic engagements and social responsibilities. MCC Social Studies Program creates, questions, shares, discusses, reasons, and analyses the processes involved in civic engagement. A social study teacher promotes respect for various viewpoints, well-supported positions, and displays sensitivity to cultural differences and similarities. The program also takes pride with a number of faculty whose specializations are in the various areas of social studies with resident Historians, Psychologists, Economist and Philosophers in the training program.


  • Social Studies Teacher (History, Economics, Geography and other) in Basic Education
  • School Administrator
  • Worker in various Government and Non-Government Agencies (NGO)
  • Education Policy Consultant


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