At Mabalacat City College (MCC), learning is beyond boundaries. Your limitation is only your imagination! We are committed in bridging the students and faculty of the institution to the global and virtual community and vice versa. Amidst the rapid globalization, MCC’s brand of education remains responsive to societal evolution. Through the Internationalization Office (IO) of the College, various modalities of international learning opportunities and cooperation are provided such us Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and Student and Faculty Mobility. Through the said programs, MCC students and faculty get the chance to interact and engage with international students and faculty to gain extensive learning and understand diversity.

To advance the internationalization initiatives, the IO continuously links with foreign institutions and organizations for strategic partnerships and exchanges. With strong collaborations and cooperation among higher educational institutions, students and faculty enjoy the vast learning opportunities. We stay true to our commitment of being a top choice in the community by providing educational experience at par with the global community.


MCC Shares Best Practices with LUCs of Central Luzon

Mabalacat City College, represented by Prof. Raymond Vergara, attended the Association of Local Colleges and Universities- Region III (ALCU-R3) last 24 April 2023 to share its best practices in the innovative technology and Workforce Development with the ALCU-R3 members as per the request of the Regional Director Leonida Calagui.


Leveraging Limitations Through Learning Beyond: Mabalacat City College Participates in COIL 2021

Twenty (20) selected students from the Mabalacat City College together with the 80-student counterparts from the University of Ryukyus, Japan, participated in the recently concluded Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) 2021, on Thursday, May 27.


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