The Center for Research and Development (CRD) is the College implementing body of its research and development programs headed by the Research Director and it is under the supervision of the Office of the President.

Presently, to realize the mission of the CRD to build a culture of research that places great value on conducting and communicating scholarly-based researches that meet the needs of the college and the community, the College Research Council have been established. The general function of the council will be the advisory body in all matters pertaining to research in the broadest sense. Also, ensure the alignment of research strategies to the priority thrusts of the College, Local Government Unit (LGU), National Higher Education Research Agenda (NHERA), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippine Development Plan (PDP) (Ambisyon 2040), Association of Local Colleges and Universities – Region 3 (ALCU R3), and ALCU National.

MCC Center for Research and Development plays a significant role in establishing strategic alliance with the national and international organizations. With its vision to be internationally competitive in terms of research and development embodying the culture of excellence capable of dissemination and utilization of the produced quality researches for community integration, creates a platform for researchers to showcase their work and talent. CRD focuses on cultivating research culture in the institution by instilling research aptitude and interest among faculty members, non-academic personnel and students through motivation, inspiration, capacitating and enabling them to carry out research activities in their niche area. Much as it provides recognition for their work as researchers, it also builds up a vibrant learning environment to the members of the academic community.

As researches continue in the new normal, they continue to address and discover solutions on policy reformation, explanatory analysis, new normal modalities, and crafting of different modules in the academic tailor fitted in this pandemic.

In addition, despite the new normal, the Center for Research and Development was able to receive a research grant from the DOST, leading to a tripartite project of MCC, LGU and DOST. This collaborative project is about Balakat preservation that entails various phases, such as establishment of MCC Greenhouse, Balakat Sanctuary, Hiking Trail and MCC Balakat Cafe. This endeavor is also a community extension project adopting Sitio Haduan in Barangay Marcos village that will benefit from the project.

As the pursuit of intellectual excellence is our way of life, and this is manifested through quality researches that expands the horizons for academic and industrial components, furthermore a response to the community only signifies its goal of promoting research towards harmonious way of life. Here in MCC Center for Research and Development, we firmly believe that Excellence is a habit, one that we must strive to cultivate every day, not only to set but to meet and conquer high standards and extend it to the community.


A Webinar on Utilizing Grounded Theory Research in Trouble-Shooting Problems in Schools

MCC’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Michael A. Mesa was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for sharing his expertise as the Resource Speaker during the 3-day webinar training on ‘Utilizing Grounded Theory Research in Trouble-Shooting Problems in Schools’ successfully conducted on March 21-23, 2022 for Angeles City National High School, Department of Education, Angeles City via Google Meet.

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