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Dr. Marrissa D. Laguna Dentist I

Oral Health Quote:
“For a smile as bright as the day, Good Oral Hygiene is the only way.”

Florient G. Non Nurse II

Health Quote:
“Your health begins with your self-care.”

Ayn Bernadette C. Galang Nurse I

Health Quote:
“Good health is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.”

Francis Oliver R. Dela Cruz Dental Aide I

Health Quote:
“Health is number 1!”

Imee I. Salvador Nurse I

Health Quote:
“Health is the foundation of a better world.”

Brian Paul Y. Liong Nurse I

Health Quote:
“Before healing others, heal yourself first.”


Health Services Unit is committed to provide services and utilize these services as fertile avenues for the inculcation of the positive health values and behavior, pursued with the spirit of dedication, high sense of mission and excellence towards the development of a healthier and more productive school population in a clean, healthy, drug free school and community.



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