The LSU created Facebook Page to provide remote services to the clientele during the pandemic. We will post links pf online resources through this page including the Open Educational Resources that can be accessed 24/7 for free.

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Library staff assist users in their inquiries, find answers to factual questions, help with search strategy, references to books, articles, web resources, etc.

Microsoft Forms:

The library staff can be contacted through the following:

  1. Contact #: 09285039675
  2. Facebook Page: Mabalacat City College Library
  3. E-mail Address: [email protected]

chapters in hard copy or digital format. Requests of library materials may be submitted through text messages, online chat, and e-mail.

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Returning of Library Materials (Printed Book)

  • Step 1 Return the book/s at the Digi hub.
  • Step 2 Book/s should be placed in a separate area where possible in boxes sealed and marked with the date returned.
  • Step 3 Returned book/s will be picked up by the authorized personnel of MCC.
  • Step 4 Sealed boxes (books) will be quarantined for a minimum of three days.

MCC students can borrow Samsung Tablet in the Library for one (1) cycle.

Microsoft Forms:

Policies and Guidelines:

  1. Only bonafide students of MCC may borrow a tablet from the library.
  2. Students must secure an application form in the library; the form must be filled out by the student and parent/guardian. Applicants will be assessed if they are eligible to borrow a tablet and will be informed via text messages/FB messenger.
  3. The loan period will be determined by the library staff based on the needs of the students.
  4. The borrower will be responsible for the proper use of the gadget
  5. Tablets shall be strictly used for academic and research purposes only.

Students can view/watch the online library orientation via the Facebook page

Visit us on Facebook:

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