Enrolment requirements may vary from school to school and are not necessarily one and the same. Enrolment requirements are those required of new students and of transferees, who have already passed the entrance examinations in the school.


  • Original Copy of PSA Birth Certificate
  • Original Copy of Form 138/Report Card
  • Original Copy of Form 137/ Student Permanent Record
  • Original Copy of Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Original Copy of Honorable Dismissal (for transferees only)

A student must be officially registered in order to receive credit for course work. The official registration form, which is a record of courses which the student has enrolled in, is filed in the Office of the Registrar.


STEP 1 - Log-in to your student portal on your schedule enrolment date(s)
STEP 2 - Confirm your enlistment in your student dashboard
STEP 3 - Answer the student hub survey
STEP 4 - Double check your enlisted subjects on your enlistment tab
STEP 5 - Confirm your enlisted subject by clicking the confirm button
STEP 6 - Please wait while the Registrar and Finance office approved your enlistment
STEP 7 - Once approved, you will receive an email from us confirming your enrolment.

Overload shall not be allowed except for graduating students and for other meritorious cases where students need to enroll more than what is prescribed in their curriculum at any given semester. Section 92 of the 2008 MORPHE states that a graduating student may be permitted, upon the discretion of the school. An additional subject load of not more than three (3) subjects or nine (9) units, in excess of the normal load specified in the curriculum. All requests for overload shall be subject to critical evaluation and recommendation by the institute dean, noted by the Registrar and approved by the VPAA.

MCC allows a graduating student who desires to cross-enroll in another school provided the course is not offered and have the same course description with his/her corresponding course to enroll in. (Section 93 of the 2008, MORPHE, Registrars’ Guidebook, CEAP, 2009)

  1. Secure Permit to Cross Enroll Form (MCC Reg. Form No. 6) from the Registrar's Office.
  2. Accomplish the form in triplicate copy indicating the name of the school where to cross-enroll, course description, units.
  3. Return the accomplished form to the Registrar for approval.
  4. At the end of the semester/term, the student is required to submit report of grades.

A student who wishes to apply to cross-enrol to another institute is permitted/allowed. (MCC Reg. Form No. 9. Student Handbook Page 11)

  1. He/She shall secure Inter-Department Cross-Enrolment Form (MCC Reg. Form No. 9) Note: Download MCC Reg. Form No. 9
  2. Accomplish the Form indicating the name of the institute officially enrolled-in and the name of the institute to cross- enroll-in
  3. Indicate the course code, description, and units
  4. Call or message your Institute for approval
  5. Have the form signed and approve to both Institute (face-to-face)
  6. Institute will forward the approved subjects for enlistment purposes
  7. Submit fully signed form to the Registrar’s office for enlistment (face-to-face)

Any enrolled student who drops officially prior to the opening of classes may have his/her enrolment cancelled and the credentials are returned and her/his name is cancelled from the rolls as if he/she never enrolled. (MCC Student Manual Page 9, Registrars’ Guidebook, Page 34)

  1. Institute will forward the approved subjects for enlistment purposes
  2. Submit fully signed form to the Registrar’s office for enlistment (face-to-face)

A student who obtains an INC grade in the final rating shall be given one (1) year/semester to complete the course with prerequisite and one (1) year for non-prerequisite otherwise, the INC mark will automatically become a failing grade. (Registrars’ Guidebook, Page 34)

Student/s shall secure MCC Reg. Form No. 8 (Report on Completion of Grades) from the Registrar's Office (on site)

*Download MCC Reg. Form No. 8 (Report on Completion of Grades) at MCC Registrar FB page (online)

  1. Confer with the Instructor/s concerned regarding your course/s for completion
  2. Have your form duly signed by your course instructor and institute dean for approval
  3. Submit accomplished form to the Registrar’s office for recording purposes

A request for change of grade or correction of ratings is usually filed in case the final grade is contested:

Under Par. 160 of the 1970 Manual of Regulations for Private Schools and the 1987 Handbook for School Registrars, this period is usually one (1) year. This shall be done by the instructor concerned using MCC Reg. Form No. 12 (Change of Grade Form)

Only the faculty concerned shall do the necessary change or correction of rating. If it is impossible to reach the instructor and the institute has the records, the Dean/ FoSH may make the request.

The Instructor submits a written request for a correction of grades approved by the Institute Dean and Vice-President for Academic Affairs on the basis of error in calculation or an error in transcription/uploading. Changes in grades should not be based on the late submission of required work, the resubmission of work previously mediated unsatisfactory, or on additional work.

Program changes (Shifting) refer to a transfer from one program to another of the same level. A student who wishes to shift/ transfer to another curriculum must satisfy the entrance requirements for that curriculum. The request for a shift of course should be done before enrolment.

  1. Download and fill-out the Shifting of Program Form (MCC Reg. Form No. 3)
  2. Send the accomplished form to the Registrar’s office for verification (attach a scanned copy of your parent/guardian identification card with signature)
  3. The Registrar will forward copies to your current institute and to the institute you wish to apply for endorsement and approval.
  4. Wait for the approval of your application (you will be called by the institutes for assessment and evaluation, if needed)
  5. Once approved, the Registrar will automatically process the encoding of your new program.

Students who will not enroll the following semester must apply for a leave of absence at the Registrar’s Office. The application must be filed before the enrolment period of the following semester.

An approved LOA is only valid for one (1) academic term. In cases where extension is sought, an approved petition is required subject to the concurrence and approval of the Institute Dean. It may be extended but it will not go beyond 2 years otherwise he/she shall lose his/her status as a student in residence. Upon his/her return, a student is covered by the curriculum currently in effect.

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