Lone Star College (U.S.A) applauds Mabalacat City College (Philippines) on its Astounding Discussions on ECE121

May 16, 2022

Kudos to Dr. Edmond Sampana, LPT, SO2 and MCC Education Majors on their exemplary synchronous classes on ECE121 focusing on the detailed concept of family, school, and community partnerships in a global perspective during the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) session with the Lone Star College (USA), represented by Professors Laura Dupree and Melanie Dawn Gaitlin.

Dr. Sampana was overwhelmed and grateful for the said virtual session with Lone Star College. He even learned a lot with our counterpart abroad through Dr. Gatlin and Dupree.

"I admire their enthusiasm and active engagement on the best practices in relation to family, school and community partnerships presented by our students. Good to know that even them, through their feedback that they learned a lot and are greatly honored being invited and immersed to a virtual class at MCC," he said.

"I am deeply proud the way that our students accommodated and answered the series of questions by our guests. Our guests even mentioned that our students are very professional, and indeed are impressed the way they confidently answer their questions and for sharing comprehensive presentations," he added.

Dr. Sampana even highlighted that, "this exposure or experience with the international academic community like lone star is a good start to a much more meaningful exchange of ideas, techniques and methodologies in teaching and learning especially at this present time that the world of education is being tested by the global health crisis".

In behalf of Lone Star College (USA), Prof. Dupree thanked the MCC, especially Dr. Sampana for the impressive session, and extended her sincere pleasure to enjoy the wonderful presentations.

"The students are delightful, their presentation styles are professional and engaging, and you are clearly highly respected by your students. Many children will be richly blessed from all you did and will do in the future," she exclaimed.

They are also looking forward to exchange and will be in touch in time to plan for the fall semester.

Moreover, Dr. Sampana is hoping for more MCC Faculty members to experience the way they-- together with his students, experienced it having collaboration and partnership with our international academic counterparts.

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