November 25, 2022


By: Conrad M. Buerkley, LPT, EdD.


As the Field of Study Head for Professional Education, my advocacy in life is all about “ZERO WASTE PLASTIC MANAGEMENT” in general. And as the former Pioneering Adviser of the Science Educators Guild (SEG), under the Institute of Teacher Education, since then, together with the student organization, we are dreaming and planning to meet zero-waste plastic management under the “PLASTIC FREE ADVOCACY” to be specific in the College.


Plastic pollution in our country and across the globe has been harming our environment for decades. “Single-use plastic”, particularly on the following: plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic utensils, and plastic wrappers that are designed for immediate disposal cause tons of plastics around the world. This advocacy will enlighten everyone to have their plastic wastes recycled, and reused.


Some of the proposed activities are 1) No Plastic wrapper-Monday; 2) No Plastic bag-Tuesday; 3) Strawless Wednesday; 4) No Plastic cup-Thursday, and 5) No Plastic utensil-Friday and more to come. Small steps count most, by bringing your own utensils, lunch box, and water container, we can do big things.


This advocacy will not materialize, if we will not work together, to eliminate plastics in our college and in our community as well. Let us together be one in this advocacy.

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