MCC BSHM Studes Showcase Asian Culinary Skills

January 15, 2024

3rd-year Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) students of Mabalacat City College culminated in an Asian Culinary Activity, themed "Middle Eastern Cuisine", showcasing their expertise in Asian Cuisine on 10 January 2024 at MCC Hometown Bar and Restaurant.

The event served not only as a requirement for their ASIAN (Asian Cuisine) course, but a celebration of the parents’ support to their children's academic and professional journeys and a testament to MCC's commitment to providing quality education.

Parents recognized that the culminating activity was a testament to MCC's dedication to meet the demands of the industry and equip students with the practical skills necessary for their future careers.

This experiential and holistic learning activity allowed students to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. It not only enhanced their culinary skills but also provided insights into the development and techniques of Asian Cuisine.

Attendance of the MCC Vice President for Finance and Administration Ms. Happy S. Pelayo, Vice President for Growth and Development Mr. Raymond S. Vergara, Assistant Vice President for Student Life Ms. Florient Non, Assistant Vice President of Management for Academic Process and Systems Engr. Erick Jae David, IHTM Dean Ms. Jennyfer N. Merza, as well as the parents of BSHM 3rd-year students and the IHTM faculty and staff added significance to the activity.

Mabalacat City College remains committed to providing students with opportunities for practical learning, ensuring they graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their chosen careers. The Culminating Activity not only demonstrated the students' culinary talents but also highlighted the college's dedication to fostering excellence in students’ chosen profession.

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