MCC Celebrates "The Crimson Tribe Lantern Festival"

December 16, 2021

Filipinos place much significance on the symbolism of light, the star is also known as "parol" is regarded as a fount of light and a sign of hope. To wrap up the holidays, Mabalacat City College Supreme Student Council with the supervision of its Adviser, Mr. Niel Rigdao, and Ms. Kerly Marucut, Office of the Student for Cultural Affairs (OSCA) Coordinator spearheaded "The Crimson Tribe Lantern Festival" today, December 16, 2021.

Mr. Raymond John Vergara, Vice President for External Affairs stated in his Christmas Message that “parol shines so bright when darkness surrounds it. The parol reminds us that darkness and our not-so-good experiences only push us to do our best. The pandemic brought the best to MCC. The College shined so bright even in the international arena. The parols that the students created are manifestations of the greatness that is present within each student. Yes, each MCC student, faculty, and employee can contribute something great. To MCC students, faculty, and staff, let us keep excelling and sharing our greatness and so that we can truly be the brightest parol, the inspiration, and the very hope of our community.”

MCCians witnessed the lanterns made from recycled materials from recognized student organizations displayed at the MCC tambayan. The Crimson Tribe Lantern Festival 2021 official entries include organizations from the Student Society in Information Technology Education (SSITE), Ad Unum Socialis and LA GAMATH, League of Generalists (LOG) and Science Society, MCC Folto Danzatore and Pandayan, Pantalakayan, and Crimson Tribe Readers, Silawan, Science Educators Guild (SEG) and MCC Campus Youth Ministry (MCCCYM), MCC Military Cadet Officers and Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), Young Builders Society (YBS) and League of the Linguistic Literati (LLL), Technical Teacher Society (TTS) and Union of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Enthusiasts (UHRE).

Mr. Basty Sebastian, the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Support Services (AVP SASS) shared his gratitude to the organizing committee, sponsors, and people behind the success of the event. Further, he stated that "it is an honor to witness how the Supreme Student Council worked tirelessly to come up and produce such an event as this. This is not only to showcase the different talents of students in crafting a parol out of recycled materials but also to show how resilient Filipinos are amidst the Pandemic. I would like to congratulate all for the hard work just to feel the season and breeze of Christmas."

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