MCC Kayantabe Collaborates with Pampanga State Agricultural University Alternative Low Input Agricultural System (PSAU-ALIAS) and Sangguniang Tribong Aeta (STA)

March 10, 2021

MCC-Kayantabe made an initial collaboration meeting with Pampanga State Agricultural University-Alternative Low Input Agricultural System for the possibility of Balakat Leaves to be used as medicinal tea, part of the DOST-Haduan Project. The expected outcome of said project is to Balakat Tea that is ready for commercial sale as a means of livelihood for the Indigenous People of Sitio Haduan, Marcos Village.

MCC-Kayantabe also had a collaboration meeting Sangguinang Tribong Aeta, still in connection with the DOST-Haduan Project. The collaboration intends to secure the approval of the STA to proceed with the implementation of the project which happened to be located on an Ancestral Domain for the Aeta Indigenous Community.

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June 9, 2020 - SILAWAN (an MCC duly recognized student organization) and Kayantabe, with the support of our dedicated building and maintenance staff, executed another community-based initiative in Sitio Haduan, Brgy. Marcos Village. The primary focus of the project was the reconstruction of the Haduan basketball court and the delivery of sports equipment. This project will enable every member of the community to exercise their right to participate in sports while also creating opportunities for more culturally relevant activities.

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Congratulations! We did it again! We got Very Satisfactory ratings in all areas — work environment, job assignment, colleagues, supervisor, and administration. #employeesatisfactionsurveyresults for April 2022!

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